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Who is driving non Arab minorities
out of Iraq?

Editorial by Katherine Givargis -
Iraq Oct. 6, 2009
translated from Arabic

Iraqi Vice President Tariq al-Hashemi during his visit to Basra on last Saturday morning October 3-2009 rejected the idea of increasing the number of seats for small ethnic groups in the Iraqi parliament and stated that Christians should participate in the elections, as other Iraqis do. I say to Mr. Urubi have you forgotten all your promises to this small minority, and now you want us to trust your promises of fair elections?

Mr. Attorney!! You claim that the political parties are fully committed to the Constitution!! That Your policy is to treat all citizens equally and fairly !! That non Muslims will have the opportunity to succeed equally as the Muslims; Sunni and Shiite, without distinction!! That the cleaning up of the political and administrative corruption and bribery is going on in full swing!! That Electoral Commission will make sure to report the elections results free from fraud and bias of the parties which dominate it!!

Mr. deputy, al-Hashemi, to you and others who want to insure the rights of the "non-Arab minorities" I want to explain the importance of providing quotas for the non Arab citizens of this country;

I ask that you promptly reveal the killers of these poor dear loyal citizens. The abductions and displacement of Christians still continues in several Iraqi cities like Baghdad, Kirkuk and Mosul. Christians of Iraq are being subjected to double jeopardy first by the terrorists and then by the Muslim religious parties which have committed series of violent acts, with dire consequences, against all Iraqis. Christians have received the lion's share of such atrocities, along with the other small ethno-religious groups, thanks to the financial and other forms of help the purpetrators receive from Iran, Saudi Arabia and Syria.

Sectarian killings, has forced thousands of them to flee their homeland and take refuge in other countries. The international refugee Organization (IOM) has attested to the fact that a "vast majority of Iraqi refugees are small ethnic groups", This was planned by the Arab nationalist, pan-Arabists, and the Islamists, assisted by factions of the Iraqi government together with the interference of the governments of neighboring countries such as the Arabist Syria, the Shi'ite Iran, the Islamist Saudi , and Turkey.

We learned more than a year ago that the defense and interior ministries established a committee to investigate the terrorist attacks against Christians who have suffered from bombing of churches, kidnapping, murder and displacement. To this day we have been awaiting for this Committee report to reveal the facts, and take legal action against the perpetrators of these brutal crimes. Every honorable Iraqi citizen knows that the up rooting of the Christians and the targeting of churches is part of a plan to undermine the security of Iraqi citizens. We are still waiting for the Security Committee and the government to arrest and prosecute the killers and the abductors of the innocents, but the government has refused to reveal the identity of the criminals responsible for the persecution of the Iraqi Christians.

The Iraqi Constitution guarantees the "equal treatment of all Iraqis under the law," but your government and partisan sectarian parties treat women as second-class citizens. " The targeting of Iraqi minorities is intended to to rid Iraq of them. Undoubtedly the investigating Committee is part of the same political parties that have shed the the blood of innocent Iraqis to rid Iraq of its various factions; the Christians; Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrians who are the indigenous inhabitants of Iraq. Targeting them is part of a plan to wipe out the remmenants of the pre-Islamic Iraqi civilization. The other factions targeted by the terrorists such as ; Sabean, Mandaean and Yazidi are also genuine remnants of the ancient Mesopotamian homeland and have been part of this land since before Islam.

Terrorism has hit from right and left, to disrupt the political process, and sow confusion and disrupt the political situation in Iraq. Brutality against the minorities has been planned by the extremist Islamist parties and Arabists dedicated to emptying the region of them because they brought culture to this land. The Islamists want to remove any mention of culture, science and technology that these peoples have contributed to Iraq. they want to control them and hold them back.

We are asking the Maliki government to submit detailed report about the criminal acts committed against the Iraqi Christians and other ethnic groups such as Sabean, Mandaeans, Yazidi, and Shabak. We have had enough of promises with no real action to remedy the situation. The killers of the innocents should be brought to justice and their crimes should be exposed to all, otherwise governmental bodies and the political parties responsible for such atrocities will continue their crimes. The international organizations and the United Nations should be allowed to monitor the January 2010 elections because public can no longer trust the Electoral Commission.


A simple way to help
the embattled Christians of Iraq

click here; Tell Congress to Stabilize and Support the Assyrian Community in the Nineveh Plains


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