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Turkey has steadfastly denied any responsibility for massacring
the Assyrians, Armenians, and Greeks during world war one and has promptly destroyed any evidence proving otherwise which has been accidentally discovered.
Following is another example of such cover ups. webmaster
Turkey destroys evidence of Genocide (Seyfo)

by: ESNA
April 27, 07

The massgrave found on the 17th of October 2006 outside the village of Dara in southeastern Turkey has been emptied of all remnants of bodies.skulls When the mass grave was found the news agency DIHA took many pictures which showed a heap of skeletons in the grave.

The 21st of April 2007 the state-controlled news agency AA (Anadolu Ajansi) showed pictures of the grave totally empty of skeletons.

Professor David Gaunt from Södertörn University (Sweden) is at the moment in Turkey to examine the grave. The Turkish authority responsible for the handling of the massgrave issue, was unwilling to allow David Gaunt to visit the place of the massgrave. After the case had received attention in both the media and the Swedish parliament, the Turkish authority was forced to allow a visit to the grave.

The Turkish authorities' recent actions can be compared to nothing other than the actions of a criminal, cleaning up all traces of his crime. When the Turkish authorities were forced to open the grave, they also, at the same time, decided to remove all the skeletons from the site.

According to the villagers and the mayor of the village where the grave was found, a lot of work has been done lately, in a frantic manner, in and around the massgrave. According to information from the villagers the Turkish authorities have removed all the remains of bodies, in order to clean up all the traces.


Tampering with the Mass Grave

April 27, 2007

ISTANBUL - Turkish Daily News

An investigation to clarify conflicting claims about the origins of a mass grave found near the city of Mardin last year in Turkey's southeast ended in disappointment this week as historians traded accusations and a Swedish expert denounced the excavation as an “expensive picnic.”

The grave first came to light last October when villagers in the district of Nusayb?n reported that they had found a mass grave near the village of Kuru. Turkish historians insisted that the grave dated back to Roman times while some Westerners claimed it could be a mass burial site of Armenians, killed around 1915 in a series of massacres that remain the subject of red hot controversy today.

After the weekly news magazine Nokta published photos of the site and international news agencies picked up the story, Sweden's Soderton University demanded an investigation.

Refusing collaboration:

Professor David Gaunt of Soderton, accompanied by Yusuf Halaço?lu, the President of the Turkish Association of Historians (TTK), arrived at the burial site together last Tuesday, April 24. The date is a symbolic day for Armenians who commemorate “genocide” on that day, a characterization disputed by most Turkish and many international scholars.

On examining the grave, Gaunt refused to collaborate with the Turkish historians. It had been tampered with since it was first uncovered, making it impossible to conclusively establish its origins or the circumstances of the human remains.

“I have some photos of the grave, dating back to October, when it was first found,” Gaunt told the Turkish Daily News yesterday. “But the place I saw was totally different from the photos."If proving that the grave is not evidence of Armenian claims, it should have had serious protection, he said. However, it is “full of mud.”“My impression is that this grave is one in which no scientific research can be carried out. The grave has undergone numerous changes so it is unrecognizable," he said.

Soil sample conflict:

The Turkish Association's Halaço?lu, however, said in response that no bones were removed from the place and that the change was due to natural factors such as rain. Gaunt in turn rejected that explanation, saying if indeed scientific standards of protection were used “then it could not have been affected by rain or anything else."The aim of this visit was to make a preliminary survey to establish whether the site is suitable for interdisciplinary investigations in the future by forensic medical experts, archaeologists, physical anthropologists and historians. If such a decision was taken, forensic experts would be engaged to assist the Turkish Historical Society and the Institute for Historical Justice and Reconciliation in their work.Noting that Roman pantheons have their own entrance, which was closed in the grave, Halaço?lu emphasized that the grave represents a typical Roman burial site.

It could not be a site, in his view, of alleged Armenian victims at the hands of the Ottoman Empire. He also chastised Gaunt for flippancy, saying if he is sincere about investigating genocide claims, he should have taken soil samples that could prove the history of the bones. He also recalled that Turkey has made an official proposal to Armenia to set up a joint commission of historians to study such disputed events and all sides should conduct their work impartially.Such impartiality is now impossible, an angry Gaunt argued: “They gave me a shovel to dig and get some soil and some little bones, which were impossible to work on and reach any scientific conclusion. It is an archeological site. The process should continue slowly and gently,” he said “That was when I realized it was impossible to reach any scientific conclusion. Why should I get soil samples? What happened to those bones that are the real source for forensic research?"It could well be a Roman grave, he said, but the point was to examine the remains of 38 bodies there and that is now difficult if not impossible."Our intention was to understand how they got there, but I have heard that they were removed. I cannot accept the claim that mud filled the grave naturally," Gaunt explained.

Understanding the exact date:

David Gaunt also said it is scientifically impossible to understand the exact date from the bones. "It is not possible to say the exact date with scientific and chemical examinations. One can only merge the scientific outcomes with the stories of the local people. Then maybe one may have an answer close to reality.”

Sait Y?ld?z, a Syriac [Assyrian] local of Mardin, said Halaço?lu accused him of manipulating reality and misinforming the media. Y?ld?z was at the site with Gaunt and Halaço?lu the first time they went into the grave. "I was carrying the photographs taken at that time," Y?ld?z said. "A villager came to me, looked at the photos and confirmed that the grave looked like this the first time he discovered it," he added, explaining that villager was the one who first found the grave and reported it to the authorities.

The Swedish professor expressed his disillusionment, describing what happened as “childish.”

“This is the most expensive picnic I have ever attended," concluded the professor.

Emre Çal??kan contributed to this story.

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