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U.S. Needs to Act to Stop Ethnic Cleansing of Assyrians from Iraq

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Something I wrote to express my thoughts on todays terrorist Attacks against Assyrians... by Nahren Sharina Georges on Monday, November 1, 2010 at 5:43am

As I flick through every channel,
My tears trickle at the sight,
How many families will stay up waiting, For a loved one who wont come home tonight?
What crime must they have paid for?
What sin did they commit?
To be shot down in the house of god, To be served a fate such as this... What sort of people take the life,
Of a man in blissful prayer?
In a moment when every single thought, is a silent plea to god to end the horrific warefare...
For this is the sad story they've come to know,
For the Assyrian Christians this is life,
Forced to live like foreigners in their own home,
To stand their ground or runaway is a double ended knife...
Living in fear of being murdered,
Even an innocent child cannot play,
Without the risk of being abducted,
A final goodbye to the light of day...
My heart aches for my people, Our nations soldiers massacred one by one,
The most selfless and undeserving men,
Die staring down the barrell of a gun...
So these people say its in the name of "Allah",
To enter the gates of heaven you must kill!
Only then will you be considered, to have completely fullfilled gods will... To our beloved new crowned martyrs,
Today the skies opened up for you...
Heavens angels shed their tears, you were going home and they all knew...
You will never be forgotten,
Your names now etched in the walls of time,
For these criminals are promised a day,
When they will for this inhumane crime...
Assyria is going to rise again,
As you are watching down from the skies, and when that time does finally come,
Alaha manyikhloon sahdan - we will NEVER forget... Written by Nahren Georges 1/11/2010 at 11:30pm

A moment of reflection
By; Shamiran Yako
Nov. 10, 2010

I’m not without sin
So I can’t cast the first stone
But I’m ready to throw a grenade
As we stand here, hearts broken
Crying tears like rivers
Staring at their graves
A community of worship
Stood before God With the purest of intentions
Victimized by decades of ostracism
Hoping for divine intervention
And on that holy Sunday
These men, women, and children
Gathered peacefully in prayer
Not knowing that some would lose their lives
And others would live in despair
But no one can hear their cries for mercy
They’re overshadowed by the sounds of war
Evil souls exploding in the night
In hopes of knocking on heaven’s door
It is he who’ll condemn them
But who will reprimand them
When they believe they have the right to kill
When they hold the fate of others in their merciless hands And rob them of free will
And who will defend us
When war isn’t within us
And we’re taught to turn the other cheek
When we’ve been silenced for far too long
And are disadvantaged by being meek
And will he forgive me
When there’s love in my heart
But it’s hate that governs my mind
With never-ending questions
And unfulfilling answers
How can this world be so unkind?
We can not feel powerless
Or be fearful of the cowardice
We’ll never succumb to their defeat
We’ve withstood adversity
Our strength has made history
We’ve always risen to our feet
So united we’ll stand
And never will we fall
Because we have yet to be divided
By mistaking our kindness for weakness
The fire for justice they’ve ignited




Thousands Protest Attacks Against Iraqi Christians

November 13, 2010

Associated Press BRUSSELS -- Several thousand people from across Europe gathered in Brussels Saturday to protest a recent escalation of violence against Christians in Iraq. "We want our voice to be heard by the European community," said Suleyman Gultekin of the European Syriac Union, which organized the march. "We are attacked systematically" in Iraq. Syriac Christians have lived in the Middle East for centuries and now make up a small minority in countries like Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Turkey.

The demonstration follows a string of violent attacks against the Christian community in Iraq, which has already dwindled from 1.5 million to about 400,000 over the past decade. Gunmen stormed a Sunday Mass service in Baghdad on Oct. 31, killing 68 people -- including two priests -- and injuring many others. On Wednesday, five people were killed and 20 wounded in more than a dozen bombings and mortar attacks targeting Christian families in the Iraqi capital.

"Since the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime, the Iraqi government was not able to protect us," Gultekin told The Associated Press. "So, our conclusion is that we need an autonomy in the north of Iraq to protect our people and to be in a safe and secure place." Police estimated that about 4,000 people marched in the demonstration in pouring rain, although organizers said there were many more. They carried pictures of the two priests killed in the attack on the church and chanted slogans condemning violence against Christians in French, English and Arabic. Kamil Aho, a 30-year old Syrian, traveled to Brussels by bus from Paderborn, in northwestern Germany.

"We are shouting so that everyone in the world can hear" what has been happening, he said. The march, led by a group of Syriac priests, culminated in a rally in front of the headquarters of the European Commission, the European Union's executive. "Right now everybody is afraid," said Father Noel Al Castoma, a Syriac priest who fled Iraq in 2004 and now lives in the Netherlands. In Austria's capital, hundreds of people demonstrated against the killings. Organizers say 3,000 people participated in the protest in central Vienna, while police put the number at around 800.

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