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Exodus, Assimilation, Eradication:
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Where do all Assyrian refugees end up

Nuri Kino

March, 6, 2007  

ESNA - Now Södertälje is getting hot for journalists again.  This time it wasn’t Astra, Scania, soccer, basketball, hockey or crime.  It’s refugees.  BBC, Time Magazine, International Herald Tribune and Swedish Radio/TV’s program “Conflict” are among those that have visited my hometown and asked the question “Why are so many refugees from Iraq coming to this small town in Sweden?” Unfortunately, the question has not been answered, at least not completely.

Those refugees now arriving in Södertälje are Christian Assyrians (also known as Syriacs and Chaldeans) or Mandeans (followers of John the Baptist).  The reason they come here, is that Södertälje is the Assyrian capital in the west,  Perhaps it sounds crazy but that’s the way it is.  Every fifth resident of Södertälje is an Assyrian (Syriac or Chaldean) who have settled here to find security and peace.  We come from Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Iran and Iraq.
This is what was told to the journalists.

The majority of those seeking asylum have arrived in Södertälje during the past seven years are from Iraq. First they fled the sanctions that were imposed on Iraq when the west established an embargo on the country due to Saddam Hussein’s regime and people were starving to death.  Now they are fleeing due to ethnic and religious persecution. If one is not a Muslim in large parts of today’s Iraq one is looked as an enemy.  If one is also born as a Christian you become a double enemy and should one assert their Assyrian (Syriac or Chaldean) heritage one becomes a triple enemy.
This is what was told to the journalists.

President Bush went to war using Christian rhetoric but once in Iraq he forgot the Christian Iraqis.  A day doesn’t pass in Södertälje that news of church bombings, rapes, beheading of priests, kidnapping of children and other “daily harassments” such as young girls being urinated upon are reported.  The Christians are automatically seen as allies of the west.  

This was stated by those interviewed.

According to the UN refugee organization UNHCR, a third of all the Iraqi refugees in the neighboring countries such as Syria, Turkey and Jordan are Christians.  It’s worth repeating, “a third!”  If three of a hundred Iraqis are Christian and thirty of a hundred are fleeing what does that imply?  Yes, ethnic cleansing.  In the shadow of the state of war in Iraq there is a genocide in progress or, at least, the beginning of one.  This is why they are arriving in Södertälje.  At least four of those refugees I have spoken to have stated this to the journalists but it hasn’t been published.

Journalists who are invited to the homes of people seeking asylum should listen to what is being told to them.

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