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Eden Naby

Eden Naby describes the plight of Iraq's indigenous Christian community, the Chaldo-Assyrians

In February 2004, a delegation led by Sargon Lazar, the deputy mayor of Kirkuk, visited Brussels to raise awareness in the European Union institutions of the challenges facing the Assyrian Christians of Iraq since the fall of Saddam Hussein. A member of the delegation provides her analysis of the main concerns for the community.

A persecuted minority

For nearly two millenia, one of the oldest indigenous Christian communities in the world has continued to reside in Iraq. But this could change if conditions for the Chaldo-Assyrians do not improve. The community may be facing a final exodus from its homeland - Mesopotamia - a major portion of which falls into present-day Iraq.
The "land between the two rivers", Mesopotamia in Greek and Beth Nahrain in Aramaic-Syriac, is home to the last coherent body of speakers of the lingua franca at the time of Jesus Christ. These are the Assyrians, known in Iraq as Chaldo-Assyrians due to the majority status of the Chaldean Catholic Church.
Close to a million Chaldo-Assyrians remain in Iraq, roughly divided between the plains of the Nineveh governorate and Baghdad. This number also includes other Syriac-based churches of antiquity - the Syrian Orthodox Church (known until 1952 as the Assyrian Apostolic Church) and its uniate off-shoot, the Syrian Catholic Church.
Due to the Chaldo-Assyrians' opposition to the Ba'athist regime, the Baghdad government dropped this distinct ethnic and religious minority from the census in 1977 and thereafter. The trickle of emigration, which had begun with the massacre of Assyrian civilians at Semele in 1933, became a steady flow after 1980 as both urban and rural families fled Iraq under various pretexts. Some tell of pretending to head for vacation in Abu Dhabi, with their children, but making sure that in the furnished houses they left behind, all family photographs were torn to shreds to avoid their flight bringing retaliation on their friends. Estimates of the population of the diaspora from Iraq in the last half of the 20th century alone run to about one million, scattered from Amman to Detroit.

New reality

The change of regime in Iraq has improved conditions for Chaldo-Assyrians only slightly. For the first time in modern history, their existence has been acknowledged in the Transitional Administrative Law, adopted in March 2004. However, this same law throws most Chaldo-Assyrian villages under Kurdish rule without regard to the historic persecution of Christians by the Sunni Kurds, especially in the World War I genocide, the 1933 Semele massacre, and more recently in the three Kurdish-controlled governorates of northern Iraq.
Whereas Christians are represented in the city councils established in 2003 by the Americans in Kirkuk and Mosul, no Christians have had a voice in any of the city councils in Kurdish-controlled areas. Similarly, the Kurdish administration has prevented this, the second largest ethnic group in the north of the country, from receiving oil-for-food benefits, UN-administered rural reconstruction aid, medical aid and the like. The prospects for improvement remain bleak as Christian professionals in major towns like Mosul continue to be targeted for assassination.
What hope is there for Christians to remain Iraq? Hope will come from international scrutiny of non-discriminatory aid distribution, mechanisms for monitoring Kurdish administrative and judicial action with respect to the return of Chaldo-Assyrian land and illegally seized property, and from a future Iraqi constitution that allows a real voice for Iraq's indigenous Christians. For this to happen, the Chaldo-Assyrians need the support of the European Union and the rest of the international community.



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