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Iran bans Da Vinci Code book after 8 editions

July 26, 2006

CBC Arts

Iran has stopped publication of the bestselling novel The Da Vinci Code after protests about the book from three Christian clerics.

The Persian translation of Dan Brown's thriller is in its eighth edition in Iran, and books already on the market will not be removed from shelves.

But Iran's culture ministry announced Wednesday that it would not allow another edition to be published.

"Based on the request of three Christian clerics, yesterday we decided to ban its republication," said an official at the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, according to Reuters.

Iranian Christians, numbering about 100,000, are a small minority in a country of 69 million Muslims.

However, there are two seats in Iran's parliament for the mainly Christian Armenian community and one for the tiny Assyrian Christian community.

Christian groups around the world have objected to The Da Vinci Code, because it suggests that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene and the couple had a child, whose bloodlines survive to this day.

The book, first published in 2003, has sold more than 60 million copies worldwide and been made into a film starring Tom Hanks.

The film has not been permitted into Iran, but is available in pirated DVDs.

Egypt, Pakistan and some states in India have also banned The Da Vinci Code.





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