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An Eastern Christian in the Capital
of the Islamic Revolution

By Habib Ephrem - Assyrian Universal Alliance Conference
August 1, 07

What can Lebanese Christian do in the capital of the Islamic revolution? At a time when Iran is the talk of the world, as a non-compliant state in the eyes of the West, reviving the Shiite position, spreading Persian influence, supporting extremism, and above all seeking to expand its role through nuclear force. Where does this Eastern Christian come from and why is he here? What does he have to say?

Wherever my people are, there I am.

When I received an invitation to this reunion from MP Jonathan Betkolia, our hero of Tehran the secretary for Asia in the Assyrian Universal Alliance, I did not hesitate for a moment to accept. I was rather overwhelmed by a feeling of joy to be going back to the first time to a community with roots in Urmia, and visiting people to whom I am linked by blood, culture and history. And on top of that, I have looked forward to seeing Iranian culture and tradition representing deep and bountiful roots in the region and faced with questions about the future.

tehran 1

Some people were surprised to hear of this conference and asked, “Are there Christians in Iran?” I, who closely follow the status of Christians of the East, can say the following about the Islamic republic:

• First: Christians, and all minorities for that matter, have complete freedom in exercising their beliefs and religions, and in learning and teaching their sacred languages, which in our case is the language of Christ, in all educational institutions.
• Second: The system allows religious minorities to be represented in parliament, and more, it is the only nation where minorities elect their representatives without any interference from the authorities
• Third: The state helps and contributes in strengthening the cultural activities of our people through funding which is especially helpful in maintaining links with our community in Armenia and in Iraq and Syria.

tehran 3

We want a Middle East that is free, secure, and democratic, where there is a place for all nationalities, ethnic groups, religions, and sects, no matter how numerous or few they may be.

Our responsibility is enormous.
Behind us lies a vast tradition and civilization and great sacrifices.
So is what we have paid in blood enough to make us understand that athra, our land, is our treasure?
Shall it be written that one day our community will become the guardians of stone or only churches in Diaspora, or witnesses to it, as letters in books or stones in museums?
Are we marching towards our end?
Are we dead and just postponing the burial?
Are we melting without a sound, in the silence of the weak, without a world to care?
Or is what Juan Guitsolo said true? "We hear about the roots of our society and our historical people but man is not a tree, and does not have roots but feet, and he walks."
Are we walking to our own end?


• I call for declaration of a state of emergency in all our institutions and unions and parties.
• I call for a unified cry of deep pain.
• And I call for the halt of the fracturing in our parties and ideologies and names and ideas and churches.
• I call on the Pope to convene an urgent conference about Eastern Christianity. If not now when? If not him then who?
• I call on all nations of the world to start a "Marshall Plan" for the survival of the Christians in the East.
• I call on the Islamic world to put an end to this wave of takfir fatwas, and the goal of forceably implementing the Islamic shariaa.
• I call on the Arab world to rise culturally because it faces multiple challenges.

The past century started with an awful massacre we call "Seifo" (Sepa) that uprooted our people and displaced them. Will the new century be our grave?

The region will lose a lot of its soul without Christians, and the struggle of civilizations will rage even more fiercely. So will the world hear the appeals of the Churches of the East and its people? And will the minarets of Tehran answer?

*Mr. HABIB EPHREM (Beirut) is President of the Syriac League of Lebanon and Ex President of the Syriac Universal Alliance.







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church on fire

Dear Visitors

Hundreds of you everyday come to this site because you are troubled about the suffering of the Iraqi Christians.

Your compassion is admirable but such concerns are of little help unless you are willing to assist these unfortunate people either by donating to the organizations which help them or by writing, calling or signing petitions asking the politicians to protect them.


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An Eastern Christian in the Capital of the Islamic Revolution
August 1, 07

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