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A Tribute to Laina Yakubova


The Life and death of Lina Yakubova

Laina's great grand parents like most Assyrians living in Armenia and Russia fled to that region from Urmia in Persia in 1915 when Assyrians and Armenians were being massacred in Turkey and what is known today as Iran. Here is her life story in her own words.

I was born in Armenia, in the Assyrian village of Dmitrovo (Qoyalasar) in the family of Albert Yakubov and Karina Khachaturyan, both teachers. My grandmother, Sara, lived with us until I was 4. Thanks to her, I now fluently speak Assyrian, Armenian and Russian. When I turned 4, our family moved to the city of Artashat, where we still reside. I finished a secondary school with honors as well as a seven-year music school. After finishing school I worked in the same school as the manager of the local youth group. My first experience in the TV and Radio field was at the Central Radio of Armenia where I worked as the presenter of the programs about the ethnical groups of Armenia, specifically Assyrians. During my studies at Erevan Institute of Theatre and Cinema, I started working in television: translated foreign news, wrote scripts for different programs. I also got interested in documentary film making. My first film and first script turned out to be very successful and I decided to devote my career to the historical documentary films. The success in our careers and work is impossible without the help from friends or people that are interested in what we do. I was fortunate to have a lot of friends that have been helping me in my work. The film “Assyrians in Armenia” was made by our creative team without any funds. Assyrian Associaiton of Armenia “Atour” under the leadership of Arsen Mikhailov was helping us in the creation of this documentary which gave the way to all the films and projects that we have been working and will be working in the future. Assyrian Academic Society (USA) helped us and sponsored the production of the DVD and the film shows in the US. I would also like to thank Assyrian Universal Alliance Foundation that sponsored all our films and projects, especially Homer Ashurian who has been very supportive of our work and a great friend to myself and our team.

Lina Yakubova

Lina Yakubova dedicated several years of her life to producing of Videos About Assyrian culture, and heritage.

Following is a list of her works

Laina Yakubova

Ealier works;
“Assyrians in Armenia” 40 min. 2003
A teaching on teaching the reading and writing of the
Assyrian language, history and songs to children including the epic of Gilgamesh

Her Unfinished works are;
“Assyrians of Russia”
“Syriac Manuscripts”

link ot the Laina Yakubova websties

Lina Yakubova's autobiography

Following is a review of Lina Yakubova's ‘’Gates of the East’’ by Nineb Lamassu

A New Film by Lina Yakubova

Nineb Lamassu

Lina Yakubova has done it again, this time she is taking us through the gates of the East, the land of the cedar forest, Lebanon.

This land of continuous turmoil received its first mention in historical documents through the Epic of Gilgamesh. In this remarkable epic, together with his comrade Enkidu, Gilgamesh managed to slay “Humbaba” the giant bull representing evil who doweled in the mountains of the cedar forest . Gilgamesh and Enkidu were victorious in over coming the evil of their time, let us hope that today’s Lebanon can do the same with today’s Humbaba.

This wonderful documentary will be first screened in the Assyrian American Convention, 31st of August to 04th of September 2006, Chicago Assyrian National Convention .  

Below is the official release from the production team and attached is the release poster.

Gates of the East

   Fragrant cedars symbolize Lebanon.  ‘’Gates of the East’’ is a new historical documentary of Ikar Production released in Armenia, August, 2006.

Lebanon, this small Mediterranean country, encompasses a great number of archeological sites and presents an extraordinary cultural synthesis of the East and the West. ‘’Kaleb Nara’’- the rock of the visiting cards with a wide range of inscriptions dating from the times of Ramses  to when the last French soldier left Lebanon. Some Assyrian stelae still display their vague cuneiform characters, but in the great struggle of time, these exceptional pieces of history are slowly surrendering to the wind and the salty climate of the region.

 In the whirlwind of history, the powerful Lebanese mountains have constantly sheltered members of religious minorities and exiles who had come to preserve their traditions and establish Churches in impregnable highlands.

 Fleeing persecution, a Syrian Monk  Maron Anachorite, a great example of monastic deeds of the Christians from the East, sought refuge in Lebanon. St. Maron is believed to be the founder of the Maronite Church. Michael Rodionov, a doctor professor of the St. Petersburg Ethnography Institute, shares his researches on Maronites and Eastern traditions of the Maronite Church.

 Lebanon is home of different Christian communities. Assyrians, having survived the genocide of the XXth century in the Ottoman Empire, found their shelters in Lebanon. Communities began to form. A piece of Assyrians settled in Zahle. David Alexandros, a resident of the Ksara village shared his memories telling us the story of his clan and the thorny past of his nation, the way how his family fled from the Ottoman Empire.

The community of the Syriac Orthodox Church live in the Christian part of Beirut.George Saliba, metropolitan of the Syriac Orthodox Church of Lebanon tells us the story of his flock.

  The Assyrian Community in Beirut lives in the Assyrian quarter of Baabda, a suburb of the Lebanese capital. The church of Mar-Gewargez with its school and the residence of the metropolitan Mar Narsay, is in the Assyrian quarter. This is what ‘’Gates of the East’ is about.

Producer and writer LINA YAKUBOVA,


 Director of Photography KAREN STEPANYAN,


Narrator SARO SOLIS,


“IKAR” production.

Film sponsored by AUAF

P.S. The Israeli-Lebanese war burst out in July, 2006 still continues. Cities have been ruined, people have been killed. Many of the places and monuments shown in the film might have already been destroyed today.

The creative stuff of the documentary is grateful to Hollywood director Henry Chara for his support and help in production of  ‘’Gates of the East’’.








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Christmas and New Year's Greetings 2010

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November = Tishreen II

Egypt Security forces use live ammunition and kill unarmed Christian Coptic Protesters Nov. 30, 2010

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Formation of Committee to assist Iraqi Christians and other Minorities Nov. 29, 2010


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Massacre Nov. 8, 2010

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Al-Qaida is turning its focus on Iraq's vulnerable Christians
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UNSC to discuss the security situation in Iraq Tuesday
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bloody, ruthless attack on landmark church in Iraq Nov. 3, 2010

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CNN update; include video- Death toll rises to 58 in Iraq church
Nov. 1. 2010

Death Toll Rises to 58 in Iraq Church Standoff Nov. 1. 2010

Baghdad attack a new low in Christian onslaught in Iraq
Nov. 1. 2010

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Deadly Baghdad church siege highlights threat to Iraqi Christians
Nov. 1. 2010

Priests among 46 Christians killed in Iraq
Nov. 1. 2010 8:00 AM

Priests among 37 Christians killed in Iraq hostage drama
Nov. 1. 2010 1:00 AM

Iraqi worshipers, troops killed in church takeover
Nov. 1. 2010

October = Tishreen I

My Take on Tearing down the walls 30, 2010

swedishimmigration-policyon-iraqirefugees October 29, 2010

Ancient Winemaking Makes Resurgence in Southeast Turkey
October 29, 2010

Arabs and Turcomans Speak out Against Kurdish Demands in Kirkuk October 17, 2010

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2,700-year-old royal loyalty oath discovered in Turkey 15 October 2010

Muslim scholars address synod, say Middle East needs Christians Oct. 16, 2010

Christian Hymns of the church of the East in Assyrian aramaic by Reverend Genard Lazar
aug. 26, 2010

Eilul = September

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August 1. 2010

Tammuz = July

Baghdad Bishop Dies After Lifetime of Serving the Church July 28, 2010

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