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A New Assyrian Cook Book

Mom's Authentic Assyrian Recipes

Hilda Sterner

My mom has always been known for her awesomecook Book cooking ability. She passed on the love of cooking to my three sisters and I, but with no written recipes. My sisters learned to cook by watching her over the years. I, however, left home at the young age of 18 to serve in the United States Navy.

During those years in the military, I longed for mom’s cooking, but did not know how to make any of my favorite dishes. The only time I got to eat Assyrian food was when I was home on leave. When I looked for Assyrian cookbooks, I found that although some had been published, most were no longer in print and very expensive! This showed me that there was a demand for this type of book.

This continues to be a problem, as the younger generation of Assyrians get married, move away from home, and not know how to cook Assyrian food. Many Assyrians, myself included, have married outside of our nationality. The men in particular, long for their wives to cook their favorite Assyrian food, but getting the recipes from their moms is nearly impossible!

In 2001 my mom moved from Chicago to California, where I currently live. I took advantage of having her near, by watching her do her magic in the kitchen, measuring the ingredients, and writing everything down! “Someday I will make a book with these recipes”, I promised mom.

Slowly, over a few years, I began compiling the recipes. When her cancer came back for the third time, I began working feverishly at completing the book. This involved testing the recipes, taking pictures, editing the text, and designing the layout of the book. I prayed that God would allow my mom enough time to see “her book” published.

In August of this year, my hard work finally paid off! Mom got to see “Mom’s Authentic Assyrian Recipes” published. The chapters include: Assyrian History, Assyrian Traditions & Holidays, Special Ingredients, Appetizers, Salads, Soups, Rice Dishes, Stews, Stuffed Vegetables, Family Favorites, Desserts, and Beverages. Recipes include favorites such as: - dolma,- biryani, -girdoo, booshala, -maklooby,- mesta,- masheh, many shirwas,- potato chop,- and masgoof. Desserts include nazookeh,- kileche, - kadeh, - baklawa,- zlabya and more! There are 82 recipes included in this book, with a picture for most of the detailed recipes.


Variety Dolma


Meatballs and Rice soup

To learn more, please visit my website,










Writer Kennet Timmerman is one of the few American journalists who has shown ongoiing informed interest in the plight of the Christians of Iraq. His various articles about their situation attest to this fact. On his website he prompts visitors to submit the following petiotion to the President Bush and the UN Sec. Gen. Ban Ki Moon


Help Iraq's
Embattled Christian

Tell Pres. Bush and UN Sec.Gen. Ban Ki Moon


"Christians are Facing extinction" in Iraq

Though the Security situation in Iraq has improved to the point that allows the Iraqi government and the US negotiate the withdrawal of the American troops from that county the systematic persecution of the Christians of Iraq by the Jihadists who are determent to impose on them the subservient Muslim Dhimmi statue or to drive them out of the country continues. see:
Iraqi Christians Face New Persecution

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Eilool = September

A New Assyrian Cook Book Sept. 14, 08


Mandaean family murdered in Baghdad Sept. 12, 08

Kurdish Land Grabs Leave Assyrians Dependent on Food Aid Sept. 11, 08

War on Christians in the Middle East must be stopped Sept. 8, 08

Iraq’s first Christian militia takes stand against Qaeda Sept. 8, 08

Sion Ebrahami: I was taken hostage by the moujahadeen Sept. 4, 08

Iraqi media ignore kidnapping of Christians, archbishop says
Sept. 4, 08

Ab = August

Relations Sour Between Kurds and Central Government August 31, 08

A Half Million Iraqi Christians Among Refugees August 28, 08

Iraq archbishop speaks out as abductions increase August 28, 08

Kirkuk, the Little Iraq August 25, 08

Protest on the highest mountains in Australia in remembrance of the Assyrian Genocide August 25, 08

The Pot Calling the Kettle Black August 21, 08

Iraqi Christians: Round Trip to Death Street August 21, 08

In Kirkuk Christian and Muslim Leaders Pray for Peace in the Country August 20, 08

Torture Chamber, Bodies Found At Mosque in Iraq August 20, 08

Paul Batou at the ALLISON COREY Gallery August 19, 08

Ancient Assyrian Monumental Art Work Heralded at MFA Boston
August 16, 08

Famed singers celebrate the Assyrian culture at Gallo Center
August 15, 08

The Only Christian Assyrian member of Iraqi parliament touring U.S. August 14, 08

Iraq Press Roundup about Kurds and Kirkuk August 14, 08


Assyrian community in Canada marks Genocide Awareness Day
August 12, 08

Tammuz = July

Climbing the Rigi mountain to remember the Assyrian, Armenian and Greek Genocide of 1915 July 22, 08

Christians from Iraq need our help July 22, 08

Iraq's Shabak Accuse Kurds of Killing Their Leader July 16, 08

Western Christians can ‘Save Iraq Christians July 16, 08

Iraq's Mosul Struggles to Shake Off Al Qaeda July 16, 08

Iraqi minorities' long wait for freedom July 16, 08

YouTube: Simo Parpola about Assyrians; and their present plight
July 12, 08

Iraq's Persecution of Christians Continues to Spiral out of Control
July 11, 08

Iraqi Christians Face New Persecution July 11, 08

Assyrians: A Minority Between Genocide and Fear of Terrorism July 3, 08

Iraq: Islamist group threatens churches in Mosul
July 3, 08

Khziran = June

A Difficult Place for Christians: Believers in Iraq June 27, 08

EU Countries Move to Stop Flood of Iraqi Refugees June 26, 08

For Iraqi Christians, Money Bought Survival June 26, 08

Second Mysterious Fire Destroys Catholic Church in Cairo June 25,08

Christians in the Middle East Live'As in a Cage' June 24, 08

Another Surge Needed: Support the Christians in Iraq June 24, 08

‘Little Baghdad’ thrives in Sweden Sodertalje has taken in more Iraqis than U.S., is but mood changing June 24, 08

Muslims Attack Christian Homes and Businesses in Cairo June 23, 08

Informal meeting of the Catholic Church and the Assyrian Church of the East June 22, 08

Conversations with the Assyrians of Mardin June 22, 08

By Hon. David Clarke, At the Parliament of New South Wales Australia

European Parliament Conference Highlights Assyrian Suffering in Iraq June 14, 08

Dora Today June 12, 08

“Why Arab countries need them ? ” June 12, 08

The Latest Islamic Suicide Attack June 11, 08

Egyptian Writer: It's 'Open Season' On Egypt's Christian Copts June 10, 08

Rosie Malek-Yonan Joins Cast of General Hospital June 09, 08

Assyrian woman gets heart surgery at Mercy Gilbert June 08, 08

30 minute film by German TV Channel about the plight of Iraq's Chrisitan Assyrans June 07, 08


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