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Few talented Assyrian Youth from Chicago united to put together a tribute
in memory of the Massacre of the Assyrians at the Lady of Salvation church
in Baghdad Iraq, in October 2010, and for all the others that have been persecuted since
2003 U.S. invasion . 

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As the Arab Spring turns into winter of Islamic discontent

By Thomas Fleming 25th November 2011

As the Arab Spring turns to the winter of Islamic discontent, now Netanyahu should make his mover of Islamic discontent, President Obama and Hillary Clinton have some explaining to do. As they were fomenting these rebellions, training and aiding the rebels, and finally bombing Libya, how could they not have foreseen the inevitable consequences?

Every time we hear about a democratic uprising in the Arab world, whether in Iraq, in Palestine, or in North Africa, the movement is either taken over by an Islamic extremist group like Hamas or the Muslim Brotherhood, or sectarian fighting breaks out, as it did in Iraq. Somehow Christians always end up getting targeted. Attacks on the Copts in Egypt are all-too reminiscent of the Kurdish campaign of ethnic cleansing in northern Iraq that has virtually eliminated on of the world's most ancient Christian communities.

It should be noted that this campaign was carried out under the protection of US military forces that taught to regard the Christians as 'Arab' interlopers who had recently moved into the area. Unanswered questions: President Obama and Hillary Clinton have some explaining to do As all Hell breaks loose in Egypt, I do not hear a word of explanation much less apology from President Obama, Mme. Clinton, Mr. Cameron or any other leader of a US satellite.

Surprisingly, very little has been heard from the country that has the most to lose when America's Egyptian practical joke blows up. For months, Prime Minister Netanyahu has kept a low profile, alternating between reticence and cautious disapproval as the US assisted in the overthrow of Israel's greatest ally, Hosni Mubarak. Perhaps he felt sufficient confidence that the military could repress the upsurgence, every day more public, of Egyptian Muslims' hatred of Israel. On America's Thanksgiving holiday, Netanyahu broke his silence.

The Arab Spring uprisings are, as he quite correctly told the Israeli parliament, 'Islamic, anti-Western, anti-Israel, undemocratic.' Netanyahu knows who is to blame and is not shy about naming names. Calling President Obama and other western leaders 'naive,' he is astonished by the ignorance of history displayed by anyone who thought a stable democracy would emerge from these uprisings. Wise: Netanyahu knows which side Clinton and Obama are on Wise: Netanyahu knows which side Clinton and Obama are on This is great timing for the Israeli Prime Minster.

Obama   Clinton

As the US is pushing the moderate Assad regime over the cliff and watching Egypt spin out of control, the Obama administration has been urging Netanyahu to make concessions to the Palestinians. But the PM, whose hand has been strengthened by the failure of Obama's naive policies in Egypt and North Africa, does not have to back down one inch. It is hard to find fault with Netanyahu. He knows which side Clinton and Obama are on, and it is not Israel's, and he knows how much Israel depends on support from American, mostly Protestant Zionists.

To portray poor beleaguered Israel as betrayed by the West is only partly a stunt. Israel may have cried wolf many times in the past, but this time there is a real wolf, one that has been fed in part by the Obama administration. Peace in the Middle East, if it can ever be secured, will require sober leadership and a willingness to make compromises. But one by one, comparatively rational leaders are being replaced by unstable men whose power rests on their appeal to fanaticism. In the past, this has always meant the same thing: an increase in Israeli militancy.

If Arab leaders had acted with discretion, Israeli voters would probably not have turned in despair to dangerous men like Begin, Sharon, and Netanyahu. If Arab leaders had acted with discretion, Israeli voters would probably not have turned in despair to men like Sharon If Arab leaders had acted with discretion, Israeli voters would probably not have turned in despair to men like Sharon We saw this dynamic at work with Menachem Begin and Yasser Arafat. Arafat would rattle a saber, Begin plant or expand a settlement, then Arafat would sponsor a raid, to which the Israelis would retaliate with much greater force. They were a pair of neighborhood bullies who depended on each other to stay in power.

Each was the justification for the other's existence. Begin, a former terrorist, Sharon a ruthless tough, and the inflammatory Netanyahu could also exercise statesmanship, when they worked in tandem with an Arab leader who saw the advantage of collaborating with a US ally, first Anwar Sadat and then his successor Hosni Mubarak. Now, even the hawks in Israeli wanted peace, an Islamicist Egypt would be an unlikely partner in any peace process. It is foolish to make any detailed predictions about the Middle East, but there are some things we can count on. If (or rather as?)

Egypt walks hand in hand with Turkey down the road to an Islamic state, both countries will turn increasingly cold to Israel, and the Israeli hawks will depend more and more on the support of their US allies. And as Israel gives up on its last chance to have normalized relations with its neighbors, it will become, more and more, a crusader state that will depend forever on US assistance.

If I were an Israeli, I'd be buying property somewhere else. It is hard to blame Obama, whose knowledge of foreign affairs can be reduced to a bumper sticker It is hard to blame Obama, whose knowledge of foreign affairs can be reduced to a bumper sticker Who is responsible for this mess? It is hard to blame Obama, whose knowledge of foreign affairs can be reduced to a bumper sticker. His secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, has a slightly broader base of experience--she shared a bedroom with an American president. She also says she knows where that red telephone is.

There must be people in the Obama State Department who know what they are doing, but neither Obama nor Clinton will do what the experts are knowing. In recent years, American Presidents do not so much conduct foreign policy as play at it, the way small children take delight in sitting behind the steering wheel of a parked car. 'Vroom vroom,' they cry, pretending to gun the accelerator. 'Beep beep,' they honk at the other parked cars just as if they were really driving. The problem with Obama, Biden, and Clinton is that the car is actually running and it is carrying 5000 nuclear warheads in the trunk. Read more:  







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