Nineveh Market

Assyrians accomplishments

This page was established in response to many web sites on the internet primarily dedicated to the vilification of the ancient assyrians.

the Great Assyrian Library of King Ashurbanipal

Were ancient Assyrians more cruel than other nations?

How Assyrians helped Ancient nations prosper?

Assyrian city of Nineveh

Assyrians built aqueducts to bring water to Nineveh predating Romans by 400 years.

Assyrians brought civilization to the Middle East

Assyrian and Babylonian medicine was surprisingly advanced

Assyrian Administrative Technology and the Growth of Ancient Near Eastern Cores

Assyrian Trading Colony in Central Anatolia

How Ancient Assyrians helped nations prosper

Northwest Palace of Assur-nasir-pal II at Nimrud

Cuneiform letter from an Assyrian businesswoman to her merchant husband

Assur-Kanesh Assyrian Trade Network Feature -

The Assyrian impact on the material culture of Palestine

Ancient artifacts from Iraq at the British museum

Neo-Assyrian Empire

Oriental Institute opens major gallery on ancient Mesopotamia

Mesopotamian Art and Architecture

Oriental Institute to feature ancient, global society in new exhibition: Empires in the Fertile Crescent

Archaeologists Uncover Ancient Assyrian Governor's Palace In Turkey

Monumental Art Work From Ancient Assyrian Palaces Heralded at MFA Boston

Sennacherib and Nineveh The Archaeology of Mesopotamia

Priceless Assyrian Gold and silver jewelry from Nimrud

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Assyrian Weapons and military Technology

Assyrian Clay tablet holds clue to asteroid mystery







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