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Asking for Equal rights is considered racist by the Kurdish Regional Government

May 30, 06

In mid may Assyrian Democratic Movement held a meeting to discuss the overall political situation in Iraq, specifically the state of the Assyrians including Chaldean and Syriacs in that country. During the last elections in Iraq the Assyrian Democratic Party won enough votes to represent the christians in that country's parliament. However the Kurdish Regional Government in northern Iraq has refused to recognize and work with the Assyrian Democratic Movement. It instead has appointed unelected individuals who are members of the Kurdish Democratic Party who are identified as Kurdish Christian to function as the leaders and representative of none Kurd Christian minority. With their help the KDP plans to dominate the community and do with it as it pleases. In previous elections The KDP prevented the Assyrian inhabitants of several towns to exercise their voting rights and in response to their protest it terrorized the community.

The leaders of the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) led by Masoud Barzani, backed by the Kurdish Democratic Party militia, (KDP), justify their actions against the Assyrian Democratic Party by accusing it "of being racist because in their words; "it stands against the rights and aspirations of the Kurdish people." How can the Assyrian Democratic party who has no militia or financial power stand "against the rights and aspirations of the Kurdish people"? Especially when Kurdish Regional Government, and its aspirations are backed y 80,000 well armed Kurdish militia and is in control of most financial resources in northern Iraq.

Evidently asking for equal rights by the none-Kurds is considered as racist by the Kurdish government and its KDP militia masquerading as a political party. Isn't this how the world famous dictators falsely accused others of being their enemy so that they could justify persecuting them? The oppressive treatment of none Kurds is a matter of great concern in northern Iraq,

Following article by the Kurdish News agency is an example of what happens when the news media is controlled by the authorities.


Residents in North Unite Against Sectarian Conflict

SULAIMANIYA (IRIN) -- Kurds, Turcomans and Christians [no mention of Assyrians] from northern Iraq have established independent organisations that aim to reduce the influence of sectarian militias operating in the area.

Two of the organisations are the mixed Peace Union for Iraqis(PUI) and the Kurdish Autonomous Freedom Organisation (KAFO).

"Iraqis in the region have begun to unite, without consideration of ethnic background, to prevent sectarian violence from spreading," said PUI member Dorah Muhammad, 38, from a village in northern Kurdistan near the Turkish border. "And we're asking the government to take action to clamp down on the militias."

The newly-formed organisations, whose members include politicians and civil society activists, aim to inform the public that ethnic strife will only serve to delay national unification and development. One way they hope to do this is by reaching out to school children by offering lessons and presentations on human rights and coexistence.

[ How can school children reduce ethnic strife in northern Iraq when confronted by militia armed to the teeth. Such democratic lessons should be taught to the leaders of the Kurdish Regional Government which is supported by the most powerful militia in the region. The best thing the KRG can do to reduce conflict is by honoring the "rights and aspirations" of the non-Kurd minorities in northern Iraq and stop imposing its will on them.]

The initiatives come in the wake of recent fighting on the Turkish side of the border between the Turkish military and dissident Kurdish groups. "Militias have hijacked the peace ever since they began fighting across the border with the Turkish Army, which is looking to protect itself from insurgents inside Iraq," said Dorah. "In the end, though, this only caused more internal conflict."

[ Kurdish Regional Government is obviously worried that attacks by the renegade Kurdish militias against Turkey will force that country to invade northern Iraq and remove the Kurdish government from power.]

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) is working in partnership with the local community on the issue, in an effort to prevent an escalation of sectarian violence between Iraqi Kurds and ethnic Arabs. "We will not allow ethnic differences to destroy security in Kurdistan," said senior KRG official Kalif Dirar. "And we'll do whatever is required to continue being the safest place in this country."

[ Kurdish Regional Government can easily prevent such conflicts by refraining from dis-possessing the none Kurds from their equal rights, land , and stop treating non-Kurds as not deserving of having the same rights as the Kurds do.]

According to Dirar, the semi-autonomous Kurdistan government is working with residents to disband the [Kurdish] militias currently contributing to the tension on the borders with Iran and Turkey. "The local people are aware of the dangers of sectarian differences,"

[ This violence is not caused because of sectarian conflicts in northern Iraq even though there is plenty of it. It is caused by Kurd's attempts to grab more land in Iraq and Turkey and Iran so that they can call Kurdistan.] "

Many Sunni and Shi'ite Arabs in Kurdistan [northern Iraq] have also joined the cause. In the northern city of Kirkuk, however, such proposals have met with less success, due to ethnic tension arising from the outstanding land disputes that resulted from the "Arabisation" programme of former president Saddam Hussein.

[Now that Saddam's Arabization no longer exists, and Kurds have succeeded to drive out thousands of the Arabs out of Kirkuk, the Barzai's Kurdification has taken its place. According to the latest news reports Kurds are planning to force Mosul under their control just as they did with Kirkuk. In reality US has removed one dictator and replaced him with another. It has no power nor inclination of stopping Kurdish oppression of the others because US depends on military help from the Kurds.]



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