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Babylon the Great lives

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Fiji Times online

IRAQ is a country with a rich history. Many monuments of the history of civilisation, archaeological sites and museums are situated on the Euphrates and Tigris rivers and in other areas.

In 1990-91, during the first Gulf War, the historical monuments and other places of historical importance were put at risk by military action as well as abuse by the Iraqi military. The war in Iraq in 2003 exposed the historical monuments and other places of historical interest to great danger.

War always carries with it not only suffering and misery for the population but also hurts cultural and historical evidence.

Present day Iraq occupies the greater part of the ancient land of Mesopo-tamia, the plain between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers.

Some of the worlds great ancient civilisations were developed in the area.

Therefore the region is often referred to as the cradle of mankind.

Present day Iraq possesses many historical monuments and archaeological sites, eg Niniveh, the seat of government of the 7th century BC king Assur-barnipal in Ur, where the Sumerian civilisation had its final flowering at the close of the 3rd millennium BC and where, according to the Bible, Abraham was born.

Uruk, the scene of the Gilgamesh Epic, the Par-thian desert city of Hatra, which is on UNESCOs list of cultural world heritage.

Assur, the first capital of the Assyrian kingdom with the famous Ishtar temple and Babylon, in the 18th century BC, seat of king Hammurabi, who is primarily remembered for his codification of the laws governing Babylo-nian life.

Around the fortified green zone there were some historical monuments as well. The most significant one being the monument built during Saddam Hus-seins reign.

The beautiful stadium-like structured building is very special to Iraqis in that it signifies their victory over Iran.

Buried under the stadium are the Iraqi heroes who fought in that war.

The other day, I met up with some Fijians who are members of the British Army serving here and they would like to send their loloma to their res-pective families back home.

They include Pte Isimeli Radrodro from Serea in Naitasiri, LCpl Uraia Mairara of Dodotabua, Labasa and my cousin Sireli from Sote in Verata, Tailevu, whom I didnt know at first until I asked where he was from.

Would also like to send my loloma to all my people in my home village of Nameka in Verata, Tailevu as well as those around Fiji and abroad, not forgetting everyone back there in our beloved Fiji.

May the Lord watch over us in the days of our lives.







Who are the Christians of Iraq? 

August = Tubbakh

Babylon the Great lives August 12, 06

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July = Tammuz

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June = Khzeeran

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Assyrians Demonstrate in Washington, D.C.  June 12, 06

Turkey turns the confiscated church into a pornographic movie theatre June 12, 06

Continuing Persecution Renews Calls for Assyrian Safe-Haven in Iraq June 9. 06

Assyrian Demonstrations in Washington D.C. June 8, 06

Safety Zone Could Be the Answer for Iraq's Endangered Peoples June 8, 06

Assyrian Christians Object to Exclusion in Iraq Homeland June 07, 06

Welsh Members of UK Parliament Recognize the Armenian and Assyrian Genocide June 6, 06

Violence against the Assyrians in Iraq updated  June 4, 06 

New Book Release by Sargon Donabed June, 2, 06 

The European MP letter to the Syrian Embassy June 1, 06

Asking for Equal rights is considered racist by the Kurdish Regional Government June 1, 06



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