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 Our Assyrian Heritage

Assyrians from the fall of Nineveh to Present

 Therefore Jews call their script 'ketuv Ashuri'; Assyrian script 

Early Assyrian Churches and Monasteries in northern Iraq 

Ancient Assyrians in northwest Iran near Urmi

 Akkadian words in today's Assyrian speech

Traditional Assyrian Costumes

Assyrian Historical pictures

Creulty of Nations and the Hollier than thou preaching

Kurd's - Persian New Year and its Assyrian - Babylonian origin 

Christian Assyrian Heritage of Iraq Before Islam

Kurd's, Persian New Years and their relation to the Assyrian, Babylonian Akitu festival

 Gilgamesh tomb believed found

The Epic of Gilgamesh

Losing Jesus' Language

Assyrians of Turkey Between Discremination and Hope

 Syrian Orthodox Church

Farid Nuz'ha, an Assyrian Nationalist

Assyrian Heritage of the 'Syrian Orthodox Church'

Aphrim Barsoum's Role in distancing the Syrian Orthodox Church from its Assyrian Heritage

 The Chaldean Church

Assyrian heritage of the 'Chaldean Church' and the 'Church of the East'

Chaldean Church and its Assyrian heritage
According to the Roman Catholic Church

The Roman Catholic Church Role in Promoting Chaldean identity for the Catholic Assyrians

History of the Chaldean Church  

patriarchs of the Church of the East and the establishment of the Chaldean Church

Why Chaldean Churh Refuses to Acknowledge its Assyrian Heritage?

How Chaldean Clergies Undermine Future of Christians in Iraq?  

Chaldean Confession (Born again Assyrian)

Unjust Denyal of its Assyrian identity by the Chaldean Church









 The Syrian orthodox Church

Aphrim Barsoum's Role in distancing the Syrian Orthodox Church from its Assyrian Heritage

 Assyrian Heritage of the 'Syrian Orthodox Church'

Assyrians of Turkey Between Discremination and Hope

 Treatment of Christianity in the Middle East.

The Armenian massacres are wellknown in the west but not so that of the Assryians. Following are few examples of.

Assyrians in the World War I Treaties: Paris, Sèvres, and Lausanne

Turkey's massacre of the Assyrians and the Armenians

The Last Assryians in Urmia during world war one massacres

The Forgotten Tragedy in Helwa, Turkey's Syria

 Turks and kurdish Massacre of the Assyrians in Urmia   

Childhood Memories of an Assyrians during world war one massacres  

Confessions of an Honest Kurd; Assyrian & the Armenian Genocide

Plundering the property of Mary and Jesus

Assyrian Romeo and Juliet

Exodus, Assimilation, Eradication:
Iraq’s minority communities since 2003
A report from Minority Rights Group International.pdf


Distortion of Culture, Identity and Heritage

The Foolishness of imposing Oppressive Arab Nationalism on Non Arabs

Kurds and the Assyrian Homeland

Kurdish Officials Employ Saddam Hossain's Tactics



Assyrian Poems